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nicolei ravioli in the sky with diamonds…wait…

follow me and Brianna through our "no 'poo" journey…and whatever else may come of this

SO I realized I havent updated this in FOREVERRRRR and people may be wondering about my journey. Either that or they totally forgot. I mean. Whatever.

So, I’m here to update you.

My dad found this AWESOME sulfate free shampoo by Carols Daughter :

Its vanilla-y and wonderful!

This marvelous shampoo makes my hair look like this:

It’s wavyish because I had it in a bun..

And my roots look like this:

Excuse my sunburned scalp….

On the weekends I only wash every other day… but Monday through Thursday I work outside power washing and get really sweaty so I have to wash everyday, which I hate.

However, on my off days, if I need a little grease buster, I use this:

Dry Shampoo for blondes!

Which I bought at Ulta! (I also got the Carols Daughter shampoo there!)

I think once I got back to school and the heat settles down, I won’t need to wash my hair so frequently.

However, when my Carols Daughter runs out, I will be buying Evo which is an Australian based company which sells amazing sulfate free shampoo. My hairdresser, Frank, used it on me when I got my hair trimmed last week and I was in love. I thought Carols Daughter was good….this stuff is AMAZING. The only downfall was I think it’s like $2o a bottle.

Anywhooo, this has been my update so…indeed.


Right so no poo doesn’t like my hair very much..but you know what does?

Natures Gate Pomegranate and Sunflower Shampoo and Conditioner <—- LINK

It looks like this:

Natures Gate! Woo!

Its Sulfate AND Paraben free. Also, all of the ingredients say where they originate from!

Heres what it makes my hair look like:


But really.. you see how soft it looks in the picture? It feels 10x softer. I can go every other day like I was with no ‘poo, and on the plus size, it makes my hair SMELL like something and its softer than it ever has been. I love it and would recommend it for anyone who has trouble with no ‘poo. The Natures Gate website has a lot of different shampoos too.. I only picked this one because my friend uses it. She got it at Target..but theres no Targets up in the North Country…

Make sure you check out Briannas Blog ..She is having an awesome time with no ‘poo and also wrote a pretty awesome post about out weekend 🙂

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So i’m still sulfate free technically.. but.. i’m not sure if i’m still considered as being no ‘poo?

Unfortunately, my hair isn’t reacting exactly the way i’d like it to to no ‘poo. Brianna can go a week between washes and her hair looks perfect… I can only go every other day and by the 3rd day my hair is a grease pit of doom.

I think my hair is just not made for this. Thin, blonde, and pin straight. Baking soda and lemon juice worked to clean and clarify my hair, and I could continue at the rate I was going, but I decided to look into sulfate-free shampoo.

My friend, Amber, recommended Natures Gate Pomegranate Sunflower Shampoo and Conditioner (click for the link). It came today and I just washed my hair with it..but its still wet. I will post pictures later. So far so good though, the smell is nice, there was a tiny lather and it was $7.29 a bottle, which is significantly cheaper than the lush shampoo I used to use.

I think its important for everyone to know that its recommended to wait 2 weeks to 2 months for an adjustment period. It had been like 3 months for me before I decided it wasn’t working.

I did a lot of research before I made my decision to stop and I couldn’t find much about any stories similar to mine…so heres the first one. IT IS OK IF NO ‘POO DOESN’T WORK FOR YOU! Like I said, baking soda will clean your hair fine, but the point is to elongate time between washes. I also found that it seems to work better on people with courser, thicker, curlier hair.

The moral of the story is, try no ‘poo! Because it may work wonders for you like it does for Brianna! But after you give it a good amount of time to try it, if you decide its not right for you, thats fine!

I know I haven’t updated in forever…but you know, things get busy and eventually this no ‘poo adventure lost its luster and just became old hat (yes, I am still doing it).  HOWEVER!  I was two seconds away from using shampoo today, and i’ll tell you why-

I’ve been very frustrated with the fact that even after 2 months, my hair STILL looks questionable on the second day without washing. Even with rinsing, it just doesn’t look quite right, like Brianna and Caitlyns. Both of them can go a week or more between baking soda washes, whereas if I skip just one day, all hell breaks loose. So I started to lose faith in no ‘poo. Maybe its just not for me you know? I have very fine light blonde hair… maybe that combination makes it impossible. So I found myself desperately googling “no poo for blondes” “argument against no poo” “no poo for fine hair”..I just wanted an answer! I wanted to know if other fine haired blonde people have this too..but I couldn’t find a thing.

It seems like most bloggers who do/ have tried no ‘poo have wavy or curly hair and this seems to be an advantage in the no ‘poo realm. Where are all the pin straight haired people?! FINALLY I came across a post of a woman with fine straight hair saying that she had to go through a “detox” period where she did not wash with baking soda for about 2 weeks, and after that, everything evened out. Another comment agreed. So I said alright, I’ll suck it up and try it. 

Well, after going through the day looking and feeling like a grease ball, I had my mind made up. Lush shampoo, come back into my life. Fortunately, we had to go to Walmart before I had time to take a shower, and while we were there, I reluctantly picked up a little can of corn starch, since it seemed very popular among light haired no ‘pooers.

Well thank HEY-ZEUS for corn starch. I sprinkled it on my roots and watched in awe as the grease disappeared. I don’t know what corn starch does to the oil, but if it makes my hair look good as new, I’ll take it.

I am still star struck. Corn Starch is the new Superman. But honestly, if it was not for corn starch, I would’ve fallen off the no ‘poo wagon today (and subsequently, Brianna would have beaten me up).


out of focus from the top ( I curled my hair )


you can just excuse the gorgeous expression on my face………

Also, incase you were wondering I washed my hair last with baking soda on Tuesday night and it is now almost Friday morning. So thats… almost 3 days?

OH also i’m in love with lemon juice rinse. Not only does it smell good unlike apple cider vinegar which makes me gag, but it also makes my hair BLONDER than it already is (and no one thought it was possible).

But really. Corn Starch. Do it.

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Hi no ‘pooers 🙂

So as Brianna mentioned in her most recent post, my hair also seems to be going through the disgusting limbo part of the process. Either that, or the water from my house has a different effect on my hair than the school water does. Adding the essential oils could also play into it. So I decided to stop using the oils the next few days just so I can narrow it down a bit.

Sometime tomorrow when i’m not about to fall asleep, I plan on making an updated FAQ page because I’ve been getting a lot of questions while I’ve been home.

ANYWHO I wanted to show you my hair..which I washed this morning… this morning. As in like.. 15 hours ago.


I did nothing out of the ordinary…washed and rinsed as normal, observed some class rooms, went to the grocery store and for a walk with my mom… It wasn’t even like I was sweating..

My hair felt different even in the shower, and I could tell when I was blow drying it that something was off. It was even a little static-y, which is something I haven’t experienced since starting no ‘poo (but I experienced ALL the time with shampoo). Like I said, I’m going to try cutting the essential oils for a few days to see what happens. If they are the cause, I will have to play around with different amounts.

The weird part about this random greasiness is that my hair didn’t feel just looked dirty and was very piece-y. I tried curling it a little thinking that might help, but it only made it worse and I ended up throwing it up in a ponytail.

Of course, I’m not giving up. I’d rather have hair like this with weird greasiness than my normal ‘poo’d hair with static and poof turning into pin straight nastiness clinging to my head.

Alright, I need sleep. Updated FAQ will be coming shortly, so keep and eye out 🙂

p.s. you wish you had little mermaid sheets....

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I don’t feel like figuring out what day it is, but what I will say is that on March 17th, it will be one month since i’ve used shampoo (except for the coconut oil mishap)

Before I talk about anything new, I’d like to remind everyone of Brianna’s FAQ page! Most of the frequently asked questions we get are there…and of course if you ever have anymore questions, you can always leave a comment or contact us through facebook!

Alright, lets get down to business. Today is day something and I would like to start by telling you all how thick my hair feels! I have very fine hair, but normally people don’t notice because I have ALOT of it. But I notice! Its sooo thin and stringy and gross it just hangs there! It never cooperated and it was lifeless. ‘poo is doing a good job of fixing that. On Saturday I curled my hair a little bit and forgot to put hairspray in…it stayed perfectly all night!! Okay, for those of you who know my hair.. this is a HUGE deal! I have to spray gallons of hairspray for anything to stay and it still deflates!


Lately I have been washing with baking soda every other day and rinsing with water and the ends with lemon juice everyday. Unfortunately, because my hair is so fine and light in color, I’m finding it more difficult to go between washes. (Unlike Brianna who I believe is now trying to go a week between washes).

I am seeing progress, however. Today I was going to wash but I woke up at 1, gave my dog (Otis) a bath and then took him for a walk to dry him off. THEN when I was going to wash my hair, my mom called and asked if I wanted to go to zumba… so I figured since i’d be sweating anyway, I would just rinse it and wash tomorrow. Surprisingly, even after zumba, my hair doesn’t look too bad! Definitely much better than it would have after 3 days even a week ago!

After 3 days

Not too shabby, eh? I’d also like to point out that since i’ve been home for break, I’ve had numerous people (who didn’t even know I was doing no ‘poo) compliment how beautiful my hair was. My Gramma even told me it looked lighter (probably from the lemon juice). A lot of people who have been following asked to touch my hair…I think they were surprised at how soft it was (and not greasy at all). Some people even sniffed it (It smells like peppermint, lemon grass, or sweet orange depending on what oil I decide to use that day FYI).

In all honesty, I cannot imagine going back to using shampoo. Call me crazy..but if baking soda and lemon juice can make my hair look this good, why would I ever go back??

Seriously, people… I know this all may seem “gross”, but you never know until you try! What do you have to lose? About $2 worth of supplies which you can use for cooking if it doesn’t work out? Yeah. Thats what I thought.

Don’t forget to check out Brianna!

Please enjoy this photo of Otis

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First of all, I would like to start by apologizing for my lack of posts this week. It was busy enough as it was being the week before break, but on top of that, Brianna and I actually became roommates!! We moved into a new building Tuesday night, so it has been busybusybusy packing, moving, unpacking and getting settled….We finally are 🙂

New room! So cozy 🙂

Oh and also, I kind of love my new roommate 🙂

Just closing the window...With fabulous hair 😉

Anyways, as far as no ‘poo goes, my amazing cousin mailed me some essential oils and natural soap and I used them for the first time today! Peppermint, lemongrass & sweet orange:

Essential Oils

As for soaps, she got me two peppermint and a baking soda soap (which I have yet to try…I was too eager to try my long awaited peppermint smelling stuff) :

Peppermint soap

Baking soda soap

Today I used one and a half spoonfuls of baking soda, four drops of peppermint essential oil and a little bit of water to make a paste. I rubbed it in and my head got all tingly from the mint 🙂 It was the tits. Then I rinsed with water and lemon juice as usual. I also used the peppermint soap, so I am now all mint. I smell delicious.  Oh and my hair looks awesome too:

Shiny and beautiful!

Nice and clean roots!

Stayed tuned for more no ‘poo updates (including how good the other oils smell!) And make sure you keep following Brianna !

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